Collected Articles – Traders Point

Traders Point stories revised .05.07


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  1. Leslie Glidewell says:

    I lived here for 20 years my husband s family for probably 100ars

  2. Leslie Glidewell says:

    Dick and Linda glidewell live in Zionsville son of Omer and Grace myers Glidewell Grace Daughter of Ruha Burden Myers who lived at corner of 79 and Moore Road

  3. Natalie Hoefer says:

    I’ve pored over this site – very interesting! One thing I either over looked or couldn’t find mentioned was whether Trader’s Point lies in the water’s of Eagle Creek Reservoir, or was the town razed first before they filled the reservoir? Are there any articles that discuss specifically the demise of the town and exactly when that happened? Thanks for any insight you can share!

    • Ross Reller says:

      Natalie, thank you for your kind words. The village was clustered around the former farm bureau co op building and the green salt barn sits on the site of one of the gas stations. All the other buildings were destroyed during construction of the reservoir and I-65 but there were not very many improvements (buildings) in the Eagle Creek valley other than a few homes and a few structures associated with the farms in the valley.

      • Thank you, and thanks for sending the picture!

        One more question – who owns the covered bridge now, and is it being preserved in any way?

        Again – thank you for sharing your knowledge!


      • Ross Reller says:

        Traders point creamery owns the covered bridge but they have no immediate plans for moving it,

        Ross Reller Senior Vice President | Director of Land Services | Indiana Region Colliers International 900 East 96th Street Suite 350 Indianapolis, IN 46240

        DIR +1 317 663 6552 MOB +1 317 414 1101 FAX. +1 317 663 6554

  4. Jack Harrington says:

    I enjoyed your article and comments on Traders Point.
    Our family moved to 86th Street before the covered bridge was moved or I-465 was built. Dewitt Brown bought the covered bridge and had it moved to his property when they built the new bridge across Fishback creek.
    George Quinn who owned the Shell station at the top of the hill at 86th and Lafeyette Rd. used to drive the school bus that took us to Pike schools. He used to stop at the market on the way home from high school and let kids off to get sodas and candy while he dropped kids on Dandy trail or Traders Point and then he would swing by the market pick us up again and deliver the rest of us up to 86th, 88th St.
    My friend Lee lived on Dandy Trail and he and I used to go to George Wilkins garage and look at the sprint car he had. He used to occasionally test it by running it around the drive way area around the CO-OP. ( used to be the Indiana Farm Bureau CO-OP)

    • Diane says:

      Hi Jack.
      I enjoyed your reminiscing. Dewitt Brown Jr. was a best friend of Andy Martenet and we often double dated.I remember Quin and the station and wished I had rode your bus whick let the kids off for sodas. I rode bus 16 which did the 56th, Guion area. I’m president now of the Pike Historical Society.
      Diane Lloyd Martenet

  5. Angela Jorden says:

    My husband and I just moved from the Hunters Green neighborhood (south of 71st & Lafayette) to Thoroughbred Acres (between 86th & 88th streets, just east of Lafayette Rd.), and I cannot get enough of the history of Traders Point area. I find it so intriguing. I keep pointing things out to my husband as we drive through the area.

    Thank you for collecting and posting all of this information. I love learning the history of the area!

  6. Yona M Dicoff Souders says:

    I was born in Traders Point in 1938 behind the grocery store! There used to be a flashing yellow light in Traders Point! That is where Mrs Connroe was killed crossing the highway! I was married in the old Christian Church by Rev Enos Dowling! Some of the members of the church were The Hardins,Stewart ,Dicoffs,Connroes,. Rev Glenn Bourne was minister after Rev Dowling.

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