Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located near Traders Point on Moore Road between Lafayette Road and West 86th Street.


6 Responses to Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery

  1. Nancy Jacoby says:

    I need some information on paper regarding Plot #’s, etc. for the following family members:
    Mildred Lee Hedwick Jacoby
    Harry LeRoy Jacoby
    Joseph P. Spencer
    Anna Hodson Scheid
    Gladys Hedwick Wagner
    My sisters and I are wanting to put head stones on Anna Hodson Scheid and Gladys Hedwick Wagner.
    I also need to know what plot(s) is still available?
    Who do we call (phone #) regarding cemetary?
    Also, is there anyone to mow the cemetary….It’s really grown tall in weeds and grass. (Easter 2012)
    Thank you so much for your quickest reply to all of the above…..
    Nancy Jacoby
    1039 South Rangeline Road – Apt 1
    Carmel, IN 46032
    317-853-6302 (residence)
    abbyusa38@aol.com (email)

  2. Leslie Glidewell says:

    I plan some day to be there also

  3. Clarence Mason says:

    My great aunt and uncle are buried there…Richard and Viena Wilson Mohr……

  4. Diane says:

    My Great-Great Grandparents, Greenberry Davis and Martha Jane Turpin Davis, have three little children buried there. Georgie, Lucy, and Baby Grace were victims of a plague that affected the Traders Point area in the late 1800’s. The children died within days of each other. How tragic to loose them so quickly. My Grandfather, William Davis or Little Dutch as he was nick named, was one of the four surviving kids.
    – Diane Lloyd Martenet

  5. Jeffry(Toby) Myers says:

    I am researching a potential book and visited this page for a refresher course and noticed Nancy Jacoby’s comment about Old Pleasant Hill needing to be mowed.For a dew summers in the early Sixties I helped Lloyd Riley mow the cemetery, we lived at 7915 Moore Road, this was 60′ thru 64′ I graduated from Pike in 67′ and went on to play with John Mellencamp for a long while, my name is Toby Myers an SO many of my relatives are buried there. I really enjoy this.

  6. Lovetta Kramer says:

    Many members of my family are at Pleasant Hill – Mostly Lovett family members, Kramers and others. I will join them sometime in the (hopefully) distant future. Sad to read about George Wilkins’ passing. I purchased a resting place (82A Walkway next to my grandparents) from him on June 28, 2008.

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