UPDATE: IPL vs Trees

On March 15th, the mediation group of residents selected by Councilor Ike Randolph after the meeting with IPL at the Creamery on February 23rd met again with IPL and the Indianapolis forester along with Ike and Attorney Greg Silver. The mediation group calls ourselves Traders Point Green Preservation-TPGP). TPGP met among ourselves several times in preparation for the second meeting with IPL, and we developed our proposals for resolution of IPL’s plan for tree removal and severe trimming. Those proposals,or talking points, were distributed via e-mail within Traders Point last week. We did not expect the negotiations to conclude at the March 15th meeting and they did not. IPL wants time to consider our proposals. Ike Randolph and Attorney Greg Silver are to coordinate with IPL and city forestry to take “field trips” to the Griffin, Huler, and Stevens properties (border south 86th Street). It was tentatively scheduled to meet again the first week of April. In the meantime, Councilor Randolph got IPL to continue the tree cutting moratorium until after the next round of negotiations.
Likely, the first activity of IPL after the March 15th meeting is to have a surveyor do a survey of the 86th Street corridor. In our preparations for these negotiations, TPGP and Greg Silver studied the Huler and Stevens mortgage surveys and the plat drawing of the Silver Leaf Estates (3 properties south of 86th on Moore’s west side plus Silver Leaf Court, and Silver Ridge). Mr. Silver then had a surveyor of extensive Indianapolis experience do survey research and make a survey drawing of the Moore-86th intersection and areas east and west along 86th St. The surveyor’s results confirmed the mortgage surveys that there is no utility easement on the south side of 86th Street west from the intersection at Moore, and the right of way is only 40 feet from road center then widening to 45 feet further west. Measurements made by TPGP of the power poles on the Huler and Stevens properties show them to be violating the right of way by many feet. Furthermore, running the length of Silver Leaf Estates along the south side of 86th Street is a 15 foot planting easement intended for trees to beautify 86th. IPL violated the planting easement in 1992 when they clear cut the trees from it to put in the power poles we now have.
TPGP has incurred more expense for the fee of the surveyor, but the expense has been very worthwhile. We still are in need for covering the attorney and, now, surveyor expenses so contributions are very much sought. Thanks to those of you who have contributed already.
The last point to make on the tree issue as it currently stands is a bit of suggestion: everyone go hunt up your mortgage survey and look for right of way and easement indicators.


About Ross Reller

I am pleased you have expressed interest in learning more about the historic Traders Point area in Indianapolis, Indiana. From 1980 to 1982 I was employed in the PR department at Conner Prairie Museum in Hamilton County. There I learned about William Conner, an important figure in Indiana's pioneer days. A decade later I became interested in the history of the Traders Point area and was surprised to learn that William Conner had been the first land owner in the area. In 1823 he acquired, through the Federal land office in Brookville, a patent for an 80 acre tract carved by Eagle Creek and an Indian trail that was about to be named the first toll roadway through the township (Lafayette Road). Thirty years later a village took shape within this tract. A grain mill on the creek, houses, churches, stores, restaurants, and two gas stations would take shape here in the creek valley hamlet of Traders Point. By 1962 all improvements (except a farmer's co-op) had been removed by the Indianapolis Flood Control Board to make way for Interstate 65 and a new reservoir. This blog is dedicated to preserving evidence of this historic area but I will occasionally use it to discuss related topics. To activate this follow, simply click the confirm button below. If you don't want to follow, ignore this message and we'll never bother you again. I am also a member of the Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery, a non profit association still selling burial plots for those who would like to spend all eternity in Traders Point, and I am an officer in the Pike Township Historical Society and the Traders Point Association of Neighborhoods.
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